Details of Choir Policy


1. Soundswell Choir is an ‘open’ choir (ie. no auditions are required), allowing any adult to become an enrolled member for a period of one term at a time. All such enrolled members have the right to re- enrol on an ongoing termly basis, subject to the Committee’s discretion. 

2. The choir’s insurance does not cover children and therefore no children are permitted to join the choir. 

3. The choir has a strict enrolment policy requiring would be members to comply with enrolment by specified dates. 

4. The choir does not offer ‘taster’ sessions to potential members, but encourages them to attend an end of term concert to decide if they think the choir is suitable for their needs. 

5. In general terms, the choir does not allow visitors except in particular circumstances and by prior arrangement. Exceptions to general policy No. 5 above – all of which must be by prior arrangement

i) Musician colleagues/associates/assistants of the choir’s musical directors; 

ii) Musicians who may be asked to act in a ‘supply’ role as conductor, accompanist or assistant as the case may arise. 

iii) Organisers/leaders of events to which the choir is invited to participate. 

iv) Carers for disabled members. 

v) People visiting choir members may be accommodated, in a non-participating role, if there are exceptional circumstances around their care and to avoid the member’s forced absence. 

vi) At the Chair’s discretion in exceptional cases not covered above.