Directions to where we sing

Our venue is The Bluecoat Academy, Aspley Lane, Nottingham NG8 5GY.

Use the first gate in the hedge on Aspley Lane to access the school premises. There are currently building works in progress at the school so take special care.

People on foot or cycling, beware vehicles in the car park, and drivers keep an eye out for pedestrians and cyclists.

Our booking at the school is from 6.45pm - 9.15pm and we must keep within those times.  We start singing promptly at 10 past 7, finishing by 10 past 9.

If you arrive after 7.15pm you may find the sliding gate is closed. You need to press the buzzer and wait for the security staff to open the gate. If they are busy this may take a while – be patient!  

We meet in the chapel on the first floor. Enter via Main Reception.  The staircase leading to the chapel is accessed from the back corner of the Main Reception area, through the double doors.

There is a lift.  Enter via Main Reception and follow the right-hand corridor through two sets of double doors – the first is marked ‘Recital Hall’, the second ‘Design & Technology’.  The lift is on your left.  Take the lift up to the first floor.  On exiting, the chapel is ahead on your right.

Cyclists - you may bring your bike in through the front door and leave it in the Main Reception area, locked to anything suitable, at your own risk.

Please note, our end-of-term concerts for friends and family are held in the Recital Hall on the ground floor, accessible from Main Reception.

If you need more information please phone 0115 752 7872.