Your Questions Answered original

How big is SoundSwell?
We currently have over a hundred voices on role. We enjoy a regular turnout of around 80.

Who can join?
Anybody can join.  The choir is open to everyone, male and female, old and young, experienced and beginner. Many of us arrived at SoundSwell straight from singing in the shower!  At the moment we have vacancies for sopranos, tenors and basses. Altos will be welcome to join our waiting list.
How do I know if I'm a soprano or an alto?
It depends if you sing high or low. If you are a lady who is more comfortable singing high then you are a soprano.  If your are more comfortable singing low you are an alto.
When can I join?
New singers who  enrol with Soundswell will be welcome at the START of a new term.  Look at the 'Term Dates and Forthcoming Events' page of this web site to find out enrolment dates.
Do I have to read music?
No, you don’t need to be able to read music.  A CD is produced each term to help you learn the songs. Most of us came not reading music, although some of us are now learning how as part of the experience.
Do I have to audition?
No, you won’t have to audition or take any kind of a test.  And, you won’t be asked to sing on your own (unless you would like to volunteer for a solo or duet some time).  

How often does SoundSwell meet?
We meet 36 weeks in the year. Rehearsals are spread over three terms,  September to July, normally meeting for 12 weeks in each term with the usual half-term breaks.

What is a typical evening like?
We start at 7 o'clock sharp. Typically, before we begin singing, there are vocal and breathing exercises to warm us up and help us get the best from our voices. We usually do a round that we learn on the spot, without any music. Then we work through our termly repertoire, improving each song a bit each week. It's a very informal group, we laugh a lot, have a 10 minute break in the middle for social chit chat etc. We do produce a lovely sound, and the acoustic in room where we sing makes it even better - we constantly amaze ourselves!
Who runs SoundSwell?
The choir is run by a committee drawn from the membership. For the past 12 years SoundSwell has been completely independent. It is financed solely by member subscriptions, and operates at a most cost effective level. Previously for more than 10 years it was a community choir run as part of Nottingham Adult Education services.
How much does it cost?
It is not expensive to join.  We operate a termly membership, at present £40 per term. We ask you to pay up front for the term when you enrol. 
If you have questions that are not answered here, use 'Contact Us' to find out more or phone 0115 752 7872.