About SoundSwell

Welcome !

If you are an experienced singer, we are glad to have you aboard.

 But you don’t need to be an experienced singer to join us;
nor do you have to be able to read music.

What you need is enthusiasm!

Nobody comes to Soundswell able to sing everything perfectly.

 We have a mantra that goes:
"In this choir there are no wrong notes, just interesting variations!"


If you enjoy singing, or
used to sing but have not done so for a while, or

      think you can’t sing but would like to give it a go,     
and you live in or near Nottingham, then
could be your most exciting, song-filled evening of the week!


 Our rehearsals are 2 hours long with a 10 minute break in the middle.

At the start of each term everybody receives a music pack.
This contains the printed music for all the songs.
Also a practice CD, in your voice part, and all parts together.

The atmosphere at rehearsals is very friendly and supportive.
Our Choir Leaders are lovely and we laugh a lot.

 Singing with other people has a great ‘feel good’ factor. 
We recognise this and make the most of it.  
Our members who have, or have had, serious health issues will tell you
their weekly dose of Soundswell makes them feel tons better.

 Before we begin singing, there are vocal warm-ups and
breathing exercises to help us get the best from our voices.
Most weeks we sing a round that we learn on the spot, without using music.

Then we work through our termly repertoire, improving our songs a bit each week.
Sometimes we split, with one conductor taking the men to another room
to work on the tenor and bass parts while the other conductor continues
to teach the sopranos and altos.

 We work hard, but somehow it never feels like hard work.
Our rehearsals are full of laughter and enjoyment.
And we do produce a lovely sound – we constantly amaze ourselves!

At our end-of-term concert we sing the songs we have been rehearsing
that term to an invited audience of friends and family. 
Our guests are then treated to a free drink.

If you would like to come to our end-of-term concert 
to hear our sound for yourself, you will be very welcome - and it's free!

  Check the 'Dates' page or phone 0115 752 7872 for dates.